The moon also understand human affection lack of y

The moon also understand human affection lack of yuan yuan

If you didn't tear my heart, how shall I crazy for you. Love a person, always inexplicable flustered, in front of you, always can't help smooth your hair look, be afraid of have a little bit of flaws, I am no longer a you see at the beginning of appearance. Flustered, because care about, afraid of one not careful, you became my cheeks falling tears, wipe, can only hurt her face. So care about, so be cautious. Sometimes too love a person can feel like the shoe thin ice, exactly to a lift arrival, will fall to the ground, in also not overtake you.

This life the afterlife, you are the most beautiful scenery in my eyes, full of charm, moon spring of charming soft, your beauty, is I can't express the scraps, wrote the poem for you to write all the touching words, have withered love love writing, but couldn't express the love the taste of you. Love is not the sun, the mood is not long, took you by the hand, the river to feed ducks, cattle, and as long as you plan for every SangMa, even leftovers coarse linen garment unlined upper garment, runoff and luxurious High-rise buildings.

Meet, this life is the best arrangement, the fate of my love for you, is 1 + 1 = 2 so simple, the answer is clear, without a little suspense, no doubt rightly or wrongly, could put my heart into at a glance, not deceive, no deception, simple. I love you, love is like the wind and cloud, all the time, not all, not flowers, love is not the end of time, as long as accompany beside you, the moment is forever.

Cultivate crossing of the one hundred, one thousand, the total pillow sleep. You are the wonderful note, the world.if I shengshengshishi in every life cycle, with a lock, also I looked again and again, love you ten thousand, ten thousand for you, my heart, to follow you, you is my gentle, you are my spring flowers.

The wind or the wind, just because of you, much a few minutes tenderness, rain or the rain, because have you, much a few minutes of romantic, the wind chung, watching the clouds rain for pearls. In every morning bell and evening drum reminders, see flowers bloom. His evening, enjoy the short of a full moon. Time does not water down the wine of love, we take not to go really have, you are my past life planted in front of the Buddha that lotus, you care in one thousand, in this life, you open for me, standing in front of my eyes, waist such as willow, face such as lotus, against in the faint scent of attacks jiao, graceful lotus, step by step, looking back a smile hundred flatters my heart, my soul, are you capture, willing to fall for you from now on.

Time to witness the legend, we love each evening, walking on the beach, beach, the footprint in pairs, is that we leave the sweet of love. Every love affair, we hug to each other companions, deeply printed in my heart every minute of sweet is very beautiful. With you feel floating in the clouds, soft, soft, murmuring, mei-mei, as if I no longer is me, that I exist is a shadow of you, is your breath, my heart is beating with you, so happy, so sweet.

A sad dream, a thin eye gaze, the world of mortals, my city for you to keep a clear, willing to do mandarin duck to in pairs, like colorful both fly, mountains, sea, in the years of the shore, and in keeping the same commitment to grow with carved on a stone to pledge, no more change, love conquers all, don't away don't hurt, you are my deepest love in the world of mortals, have you, my world is not cold, the rain is romantic, snow is emotional appeal, the wind blows cheek is romantic.